In response to the Friday arrests of three Anonymous group members who were allegedly involved in attacking PlayStation Network and other multi-national companies, the hactivist group (in retaliation) launched a successful DDoS attack against the Spanish National Police website (which is now accessible).

anonymous attacks website of Spain police

Anonymous choose Operation Policia (#OpPolicia) as a code name for bombarding the website of Spain Police. The attack launched by anonymous was so destructive that many visitors were unable to access the website of National Police for long hours.

Friday Spanish authorities announced:

They had arrested three men suspected of participating in cyber-attacks against the Sony PlayStation Network as well as other corporate and government websites – cyber-attacks associated with the mysterious and powerful international Internet hactivist collective known as Anonymous.

To read the whole story on how Spanish authorities detained three Anonymous members, have a look at: Three PlayStation Store hackers arrested in Spain, inside this link you will also find a Press Release of Anonymous that was revealed right after the apprehension of the group members.

via: AnonOps Blog

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