If you were one of the victims of recent PSN outage, then you will certainly love reading today’s news. Spanish Police, just few hours back by using the Twitter medium has shared an astonishing news with the world.

Spain police arrest anonymous

The Police of Spain claimed that they have detained three members of Anonymous hackers group who were involved in attacking PlayStation Store, multi-national companies, banks, and government websites.

Below is the tweet shared by Spanish Police (translated version):

spain police twitter message

Police states, “the arrested members are the leaders of Anonymous group”, and also confirms that they have seized a computer from the hacktivist group that was used to launch attack on Sony.

The operation against Anonymous that resulted in arresting three members of the group was conducted because they distributed the Loic DDoS tool which is used for targeting website by flooding the server, it was also reported by El Mundo that the group had plans to publish sensitive data and confidential information about agents of the State Security Corps and politicians in different websites and forums.

The question is, will this stop other ‘Anons’ to act against Spanish Government?

Anonymous retaliation:

As expected, Anonymous by their Operations Account on Twitter posted a message against Spanish cops for arresting their three members:anonymous twitter message

Anonymous (like they delivered one for India) has also published a press release for Spanish Government in which they have stated their fellow anons as innocent protesters, who carried out the attacks and retaliated against Spanish government because of imposing internet censorship.

Read the whole press release below:

anonymous spain press release

So what are your views after reading about this whole situation? Are you with Anonymous or against them? Please share your point of view in the comment box below.

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