How many mobile phones do you have lying around your home? A survey in 2010 found that 68% of respondents had kept one or more old mobiles that they no longer used. Furthermore, one in ten admitted to simply throwing them away with the household rubbish. Not only is this a complete waste of money, but throwing your mobile phone out with the rubbish is bad for the environment as parts of the phone contain rare earth metals. If you want to be more environmentally friendly, and make a few pounds for doing so, here are our top tips.

Don’t throw away your old phone just because the contract has expired. If there is nothing wrong with the handset, have it unlocked and get a new free sim card. giffgaff offers a free sim that works on a monthly basis so you won’t be tied into long contracts. These free sim cards are sent directly to your home and you can even transfer your old number.

 Recycle your old handset. If you’re handset is on its way out you can recycle it. Recycling utilises as many of the phone’s parts as possible, notably the metals inside the handset. What can’t be recycled is disposed of correctly. Supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco offer money for old handsets. You can find out more by reading this Daily Mail article.


If you’re disposing of your handset purely because you want a new one, then donate it to charity. Mobile phones are transforming life in poor regions of Africa for example, allowing people to connect with businesses and family across the continent.

Buy mobile phones made from recycled parts. More phone makers are cottoning on to the fact we want to boost our eco credentials and are making phones out of recycled products. Not only is this cheaper for them to make, it also lowers their environmental footprint.

Make use of green apps to monitor your mobile phone’s energy usage. You can conserve your phone’s energy by turning off all unused apps, roaming and reducing the brightness of the screen display.

There are several apps out there that can be used to monitor your overall eco-footprint and help you reduce its size by supplying you with handy eco tips. You can monitor your home’s energy usage for example and learn about ways you can reduce it. This is a great way of saving money on household bills too.

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