It had to happened and Yes it has happened. Bing is bringing twitter search for its users. This announcement was made by the Bing Team in the Web 2.0 conference. According to that announcement, Bing now has complete access to the whole public Twitter feed. Infact it has already launched a beta of Bing Twitter search for you guys. Specifically people who reside in USA (as per the blog says)can actually use this Beta version of Bing Twitter Search.

Using  Twitter‘s real time search provided by Bing, you can actually search for what people are commenting on the latest happenings around the world, what’s the latest with your sports team and pretty much everything else.

See Bing Twitter Search in action

I searched for Windows 7 on the Beta Bing Twitter Search page.This is how the Twitter search result page looked like:


On this search result page, you can do a couple of things which are:

  1. To keep yourself updated with the latest tweets on this topic, you can just stay at this topic and watch the real time tweets appear on the search page.
  2. You can click on the See more Tweets about .. option to jump to a page that is full of tweets (shown below). On that page you have the option to change the tweets order to Best Match/ Most recent. This is how Best Match works: If a twitter user has a lot of followers, his/her tweets will get ranked higher. However if the tweet is exactly similar to the other, it obviously will have a lower rank. Most recent ordering criteria is self explanatory. So I don’t need to explain that. Also there is a pause button that does exactly what the name says.


A couple of points to keep in mind about Bing Twitter Search

You might be interested to know that:

  • Bing respects your privacy and doesn’t show protected tweets
  • Bing does not display deleted tweets
  • Bing indexes each Tweet for 7 days.

So what is your opinion about this. One competitive edge which Bing has managed to achieve is that it is the first search engine to bring Twitter search for its users. I am wondering when will Google make a similar announcement. Any guesses guys. My guess Google will be making a similar announcement very soon.

Access Bing Twitter Search Beta right here