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Just now we told you about the arrival of redsn0w 0.9.7b1, which brings the untethered jailbreak for your iOS 4.2.1 enabled iDevice. As always, we are here with the steps to get untethered jailbreak on your iDevice. Jailbreak guide follows after the jump.

Julien Schapma, the developer of the cool UI called TouchXplorer has unleashed a beta version of his custom UI for Windows Phone 7. TouchXplorer includes the very important File Explorer, that will allow you to do pretty much everything that you have come to expect from a File Explorer.

This was pretty much on the cards was it not, when we shared with you the news of Gingerbread hitting AOSP, or should I say going open source? Here’s what has happened. Google is yet to roll out the OTA Gingerbread update for Nexus One but a smart developer in Chris Soyars has managed to [...]

One of the visually appealing features of Gingerbread is its functionally and visually improved keyboard. But since it is an Android 2.3 specific keyboard it is limited to Gingerbread running handsets. But all of this has changed thanks to XDA Developer hotaru. Gingerbread keyboard apk has been extracted and made available for all non rooted [...]

The first step to load custom ROMS on Nexus S is to unlock the bootloader and this very important step has been completed. If you have unlocked the Nexus One’s bootloader, then unlocking this will be a walk in the park. Steps to unlock Nexus S bootloader can be found after the jump.

Now this is what I call hacking in Turbo mode. It has been less than 24 hours since Nexus S hit the retail stores in US and already xda-developers have done what they do best – rooted Nexus S.

High-speed internet has become something of an essential service to have these days and thanks to a wealth of competition and lots of great prices you don’t have to look very far in order to find a deal to suit your needs. Traditional broadband services can be had in either ADSL or cable options and [...]

Apple can criticize the Adobe Flash performance issues all day long, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of videos on the web are Flash enabled, and iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad users will like to watch them on their innovative iDevice. One way to watch Flash videos is to jailbreak [...]

Look what I stumbled across while viewing Google’s official YouTube channel for Chrome, a YouTube video or a tutorial video should I say that teaches you how to use the Chrome notebook and highlights some of the interesting features of the browser based OS. Video follows after the jump.

We all know Facebook is ever busy in thinking of improving our social networking experience. This time around they decided to spice up our Profile page and have done a splendid job at that. There are two ways to get the new Profile design which lets you know about the person a lot in less [...]