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Weezer, the American rock band were aware of the fact that Google Voice performs search pretty efficiently when a single person uses it. Impressed by this amazing search product, they set out to see what happens when it is subjected to more than one voice? Find out what happened after the jump.

It’s raining Skype help documents or should I say leaking. Hot on the heels of a leaked Skype help document which hinted at the video chat coming to Skype for iPhone, we now have another help document which takes the excitement to the next level, if you are looking to purchase a Verizon iPhone that [...]

Julien Schapma, the developer of the cool UI called TouchXplorer has unleashed a beta version of his custom UI for Windows Phone 7. TouchXplorer includes the very important File Explorer, that will allow you to do pretty much everything that you have come to expect from a File Explorer.

It’s the holiday season and you know you will be getting lots of gifts from your loved ones. If iPhone/iPod Touch happens to be one of the presents you got, you will be asking yourself, which apps should I install on my iDevice? No need to worry as we have lined up the apps you [...]

Everyone knows why VLC is so popular – it can play any audio/video file you throw at it thanks to its almost complete if not complete collection of codecs. Android users will be wondering when will we get our share of the pie. According to GigaOM, who talked with the lead VLC developer Jean-Baptiste Kempf, [...]

Engadget have spotted a help document on Skype’s official new which contains the news many iPhone and iPod Touch users were waiting for. Skype for iPhone is on the verge of getting an update that will bring the all important video chat capability to their camera enabled iDevices.

Last week saw iPhone and iPod Touch users get all excited about the new app on the App Store block – Word Lens. The thing that excited all the iDevice users was that the app had the capability to instantly translate the words put in front of it in real time. But is the app [...]

Is this a surprise? I, personally wasn’t expecting this so Yes I am surprised. Apple has removed the Wikileaks App for iPhone from the App Store for reason yet to be known. The app which went live not so long ago was compatible with iPhone and iPad allowed its user to view latest leaked diplomatic [...]

With Wikileaks making headlines all around the world and that too at a consistent rate, it’s no surprise that a Wikileaks app has made its way to the App Store. The app which is the unofficial one, is infact called Wikileaks App which works with all iOS enabled iDevices and lets you read leaked diplomatic [...]

The moment which all you Android based racing game lovers have been waiting for has finally arrived. Need for Speed Shift has hit the Android Market and I am sure it won’t be long before it lands on a number of Android handsets.