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Innovative animators in Taiwan came to know about Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to China and decided to do a humor and fun filled animation of it which you can see after the jump.

Time Magazine has named Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of the Facebook, as the Person of the Year 2010 for him being the most influential figure for the current running year.

Foxnews has received a report from the Department of Homeland Security which reveals the unexpected – Al Qaeda is using Facebook to get new terrorists on board and share with them plans and training material. The report provides an insight into the importance the terrorist group gives to the ever growing social network and highlights [...]

We all know Facebook is ever busy in thinking of improving our social networking experience. This time around they decided to spice up our Profile page and have done a splendid job at that. There are two ways to get the new Profile design which lets you know about the person a lot in less [...]

Nowadays, video sharing seems to be one of the common activities of many internet users. Did you ever wish that there was a site which was in your native language and provided you the option to share videos? Enter Kalam TV, the social networking oriented Pakistan Video Portal you were looking for. In short, it [...]

We are nearing the end of the year 2010 and its that time of the year where we get to know which product had a good year in the technology world and who had a forgettable one. We will be talking about the latter category which you may have sensed based upon the title of [...]

We all know who is the ultimate leader in the social networking arena, it is none other than Facebook. Facebook not content with their social domination have decided to enter a new and competitive domain which we all call Email clients. Based on a press invite received by TechCrunch, it seems as if the dominant [...]

Its raining mobile app updates folks. If the news of Facebook rolling out feature rich updates for their iOS and Android app wasn’t enough to keep you excited this one will surely challenge your excitement level. Twitter for Android has received an update, a feature rich at that which will have the Android nation jumping [...]

Its raining Facebook mobile app updates today. Facebook besides rolling out a feature rich update for its Android native app has also rolled out an update for its iPhone app. The latest update takes the version number of the app to 3.3 and if you are a fan of Facebook Places you are going to [...]

Have we got a treat for our Android loving fans or what. You do know that the highly exciting Facebook Mobile event has kicked off at the social networking giant’s headquarters and is throwing exciting announcements, mobile related that is  for their ever growing base. But here is what you came for – Facebook for [...]