As you all might have noticed that Facebook in the past recent days has made some major changes in the privacy controls of it’s site – few options of which are also been added to the latest version of Facebook app for iPhone. From all these updated privacy features that has recently been introduced, there is one extremely important option called ‘profile review’ that we will strongly suggest you to turn on from your Facebook’s account settings. Follow the instructions after the break.

Facebook privacy

How to turn on profile review:

1 – Go to ‘Account’ on the upper right-hand side of your profiles.

2 – Click ‘Privacy Settings’ from the drop-down menu box.

3 – Inside privacy settings you will see an option of ‘How tags work’, click the ‘Edit Settings’ link opposite to it.

4 – Under the pop-up ‘Edit Settings’ of ‘How tags work’, you will see an option of ‘Profile review’, click it.

5 – Next pop-up window will appear in-front of your screens, click ‘Turn On Profile Review’ button.

Facebook profile review on

What will it do? Well, now if a friend tags you in a post or a photo, you will have an option to approve or decline it before it shows up on your profile or news feed.

All tagged posts and photos you are added in can now be reviewed from a new section under your profile wall named as ‘Pending Posts.’

Facebook privacy controls

Note: The photos you are tagged in will not be removed from your friends’ profile, but still you can always ask your friends to take down those unwanted photos you don’t like.

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via: All Facebook