The shaky Facebook scammers are back and this time they are taking full advantage of the new video calling feature that has been recently introduced by the joint-work of Facebook and Skype team.

Facebook video calling page

Many users on Facebook are already availing the Skype-powered video chat service by visiting Facebook’s video calling page, but still there are plenty of users in the waiting list, who have not yet experienced the new video chat facility on Facebook.

So, the users who are still waiting for the Facebook video service to get enabled for them, here’s a piece of advise from Naked Security for you:

If you see a wall post referencing “Enable video calls.”, don’t click it! Send your friend a message that they have been tricked.

So, what is this wall post with ‘Enable video calls’ message? This is a new scam circulating in a form of Facebook application – a new way of scammers to trick Facebook users. If you will try clicking on the fake message, that is being displayed in the image below, then it will request to access your basic information, post messages on your wall, and access posts in your News Feed etc.

facebook video chat scam

Even granting permissions to this fake video app will not let you do the video chatting on Facebook, but unfortunately it will take you to the surveys that generate referral fees for the evil spammers.

Please, let your family members and friends know about this tricky spam and advise everyone that they should not click on it at any cost.

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