Can FaceTime do group video chat?

17 Oct
Muhammad Ali

Want to know if FaceTime is capable of doing group video chat or video conferencing as some of you like to call it? According to iPod Touch Fans, FaceTime can do group video chat which of course means more than 2 people can engage in a video chat.


What led to this claim? One of iPodTouchFan’s forum member who goes by the name 42395_skyline dug deep into the FaceTime code and came across a key which in simplistic term says FaceTime Group Video chat is just one switch away from becoming functional. Here’s the key which is creating all the buzz:



So all you need to do is change the key value (false part) to true. If you decide to do so, the required file can be located at:


[via 9 to 5 Mac]

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  • MagicJack

    There’s no doubt that programmers can do just about anything. Is it a good idea? Why not? the more helpful software we have available the better life will be. I just love the fact that we live in such a media and communication rich time in history.

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