Fennec for Android progressing smoothly, nightly builds coming soon

1 Apr
Muhammad Ali

Want to know the official status of the Firefox Mobile for Android project? Well you have landed at the right place. Firefox developer Vladimir Vukićević has shared the inside scoop on where the  mobile browser stands. Details aside, the Fennec for Android is progressing smoothly and is getting closer to the point where nightly builds will be made available. A video has been shared as well which shows the latest build of Firefox Mobile running on Nexus One.

Currently the team is working on fixing different bugs that are causing the phone to become locked. Once these bugs are fixed, expect nightly build to be made available. Here is some of the work they have done so far

  • Soft keyboard issues resolved.
  • Rotation behavior perfected.
  • Accelerometer.
  • Experimentation of different rendering approaches which includes OpenGL among others.

The developer reports that the browser is getting ready to be dumped to the trunk which obviously is good news.

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