How to fix the iTunes 10 syncing problem

7 Sep
Muhammad Ali

So I get that you have installed iTunes 10 but as soon as you tried syncing your iPhone/iPod Touch/ iPad you started hating the fact that you upgraded to iTunes 10. A message which goes like this “An unknown error occured (13010).” is what is pissing you off as it is not allowing you to sync your iDevice with iTunes 10. Don’t worry as we have got the possible fixes listed after the jump.

Fix iTunes 10 sync issues

Here are the possible solution to resolve the iTunes 10 syncing issue:

  • Reinstall iTunes. In some cases this issue can be resolved by completely removing then reinstalling iTunes as described in this Apple Knowledge Base article.
  • Remove third-party backup or antivirus software. If you’ve installed software for an external hard drive or another device, it may include an automatic backup utility that recognizes the iOS device as a storage device, interfering with the normal sync process. Try uninstalling any such software then re-syncing.
  • Disable network connection. In some cases, simply disabling your network connection (turning off AirPort or unplugging your Ethernet cable) will resolve the slow or stuck backup phase. It appears that iTunes performs some data network data transfer during the backup process which can, for unknown reasons, take an extremely long time or become stalled.
  • Restore instead of update. Backup your iPhone or iPod touch, then perform a restore process instead of using the check for update function. This may allow the iPhone or iPod touch to successfully receive the iOS 4.0 update, after which sync processes should occur at normal speed.
  • Switch USB ports. Try switching your iPhone or iPod touch to a different USB port. In particular, if you are using a hub or other intermediary device, try connecting the device directly to your computer.
  • Delete iTunes .plist. If you are using Mac OS X, delete the following file ~/Library/Preferences/ then restart

[via Apple Tool Box]

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