Hot on the heels of sharing with you an amazing iPad 2 April Fools’ prank, we are now here with an interesting list of April Fools pranks that Google has rolled out over the years. Some convincing hoaxes await you after the jump.

Google April Fools Day

Gmail Motion – Even though I didn’t fall for this prank , I loved how Google went about their idea of interacting with Gmail using body/motion gestures and making it look real as much as possible. And believe me I have seen some folks fall for it.

Gmail Paper – Some of you may remember the Gmail Paper prank. The idea behind was a pretty convincing one. Once you clicked on the Gmail Paper, Google will print out all of your emails on the environment friendly 96% post-consumer organic soybean sputum and send it to you packed inside a Gmail Paper box.

Google MentalPlex – This was the first April Fools’ Day hoax which was posted back in 2000 and boy was it a lucrative one. It promised to speed up your search experience by reading the search query in your mind and showing the results for you. You can still see it if you want right here.

Google Custom Time – This April Fool hoax would have fooled many business related personnel as it allowed them to send an email on a “pre-date” and choose the email to appear as read or un-read. Imagine the evil it would have unleashed if it was for real.

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