Google partners up with Adobe, integrates Flash with Chrome

31 Mar
Muhammad Ali

Google and Adobe have becomes partners as  a result of which Google Chrome will now become pre-installed with Flash Player. This partnership comes with the Californians looking to improve the Flash Player experience for Chrome. Google Chrome developer channel will kick off things by integrating with the Flash player. The global roll-out of this functionality will take place as soon as possible.

Here is how the pre-installed player approach will benefit you:

  • When users download Chrome, they will also receive the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. There will be no need to install Flash Player separately.
  • Users will automatically receive updates related to Flash Player using Google Chrome’s auto-update mechanism. This eliminates the need to manually download separate updates and  minimizes the security risk associated with using the outdated versions.

I am pretty pleased about this development as it eliminates the need to separately  installing Flash Player.

Developers can download the Chrome developer channel version with Flash built in here. To enable the built-in version of Flash, run Chrome with the –enable-internal-flash command line flag.

[via Chromium]

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