Google Earth Karachi – a fresh new look

18 Oct
Mansoor Ahmed

In the last 5 years or so, Google Earth Karachi had no significant update,  despite of the fact that CDGK (City District Government Karachi) had given the city a different look.

But there is  good news, Google is updating KARACHI map and recently you can see all major updates (starting with an over-due Nursery flyover map/patch) and almost all changes in last 4 years are now incorporated.

Google has this layered approach when updating maps so places will get more visible and clear with time. Below are some of the screen-shots.






  • Aisha

    Waao good to hear such news. Now we can search and see our home through internet :)

  • Mansoor Ahmed

    yes aisha its great to see tht google map updated 4 khi

  • Shuja Haider

    Waoooooooo good to hear we can look our business area and much more……

  • Mansoor Ahmed

    Yes, indeed you can, and much much more.

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