Google – Helping consumers to reduce energy usage

13 Feb
Mansoor Ahmed

google-green_184x138Google now wants to organize your home’s energy information.

On 11th February, Google has announced an initiative designed to help consumers reduce their  energy use. Called PowerMeter, it’s currently in closed beta among Google employees, and aims to bring smart power grid information to the consumer, in order to track the usage of
home energy.

As Google has already invested in several small solar, wind and geothermal companies, as well as two “smart grid” companies.

A smart grid delivers electricity from suppliers to consumers using digital technology to  save energy and cost.

Such a modernized electricity network is being promoted by many governments as a way of addressing energy independence or global warming issues.

While on its Official Blog, Google said that a smart grid tool will be named as ‘Google powermeter’, and that will show home energy consumption almost in real time on a user’s computer.

Google said:

It may not sound like much, but if half of America’s households cut their energy demand by 10 percent, it would be the equivalent of taking eight million cars off the road,

Powermeter is not available to the public as Google employees are testing it. This all sounds quite useful, once smart meters get rolled out to everyone and the program comes out of beta: years, and years down the line.

Spokeswoman Niki Fenwick said:

The company hopes to develop partnerships with utilities so it can roll PowerMeter out to consumers in the next few months,

Google’s investment in smart grid is with several companies named as Germantown, Maryland-based Current Group and Redwood City, California-based Silver Spring Networks.

Google Powermeter Video can also be watched.

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