What’s cooking for Google I/O 2010

16 May
Muhammad Ali

I have this feeling that the coming week is going to be the Google week. I think you know why. Yup, that’s right Google I/O event will be kicking off on 19th May and will bring some exciting announcements with it which off course includes Android 2.2 and Adobe Flash 10.1. More on that after the jump.

One of the most important question that is on everyone’s mind is what will the next version of Android aka Froyo (which means Frozen Yoghurt) bring? Reliable sources have revealed that the Android 2.1 successor will be bringing a couple of cool new features namely data tethering and a WiFi hotspot. Also the update is expected to minimize the painful defragmentation problems that have resulted in carriers rolling out Android update for individual handsets.

We have kept the best feature for the last. The arrival of Android 2.2 will bring the much awaited Beta version of Adobe Flash 10.1 Beta. Google TV is also expected to  make an appearance at   the third Google I/O event . Google TV is a service for TV sets and features a customized version running on top of Intel chipsets.

[via eWeek]

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