Google is the Daddy search Engine of the Internet. If you’re thinking of starting a blog of your own then pleasing the Daddy of the Internet has to be among the first few things in your to-do list. Getting a website made and starting off posting blogs on via wordpress is just the start of the game. Search Engine Optimization has to be taken care of definitely if you want Google to notice your blogs and make them a part of its search results.

The time that Google takes to register and recognize a particular website and its works is often termed as the Google Sandbox Effect. Though there are no particular reasons why and for how long would a website remain under Google Sandbox, there are some facts about it that are worth sharing:

Google has been fooled by malicious pages quite a number of times. This is the very reason why Google has ceased complete dependence upon its Sandbox algorithm only. Now Google gives each website certain time of perusal which is, of course indefinite. You may be creating keyword rich content at regular intervals but even Original content creation regularly does not get Google’s signals up. What does effect is the fact that certain reputable WebPages link back to your blogs/articles/WebPages. Once your hard work and persistence get this credibility of being ‘linked back’ established, Google instantly notices the website that it has been silently observing for some time and starts showing it as a part of its search results.

So if you’re a novice blogger but original hard worker don’t get disheartened that your articles are not being indexed in search. Patience eventually bears fruitful results God Willing!