HTC pissed off by Google, delays Android Tablet till Q2 2011

19 Oct
Muhammad Ali

One thing which HTC has done continuously is adopting the painful pin drop silence attitude about their upcoming Android Tablet. The word from the King of Rumors Digitimes is that the HTC’s innovation filled tablet has been delayed and the release date has been pushed back to the second quarter of 2011.

Since this is HTC and not Apple, manufacturing faults are not the reason behind this delay. Google giving LG and Motorola folks priority over HTC for their Tablet friendly OS is one of the factors behind this shocking change of plans. JPMorgan analyst shed light on some of the other attributes impacting the release date extension:

Although HTC is also facing issues such as patent lawsuits, bugs in its Windows Phone 7-based smartphones and component shortages, the analyst believes HTC should be able to resolve all the problems gradually, added the paper.

Even though it is a rumor, one just wonders if this 6 month or higher duration delay will hurt the Taiwanese manufacturers? Your thoughts are welcome and eagerly awaited.

[via PhAndroid]

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