I have said it before and I will dare say it again: When it rains Honeycomb ports, it pours. This morning saw the exciting development of Nexus One getting an early Honeycomb build. XDA developer coolexe, who was inspired by this very hacking act has brought Android 3.0 to one of the most popular smartphones of 2010, HTC Desire.

Honeycomb HTC Desire

Since this is the first and a very early Honeycomb SDK port, pretty much nothing works as explained by the developer himself:

what’s working
just booted.

what’s not
lots of things.

The one thing that might be of some interest to the HTC Desire loving folks is that the Honeycomb works in both Landscape and portrait orientation as shown below.

Honeycomb HTC Desire Music App

Let’s hope that the hacker brings stability to this exciting looking port? Are you looking forward to getting Honeycomb on your sexy looking HTC Desire? Hit the XDA link for more details.

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[via XDA]