The moment HTC unveiled HTC Flyer, many folks had just one question on their mind, will the 7 inch Tablet get the all important Honeycomb update? While HTC promised to roll out the said update for its first tablet, we never got a precise release date. Digitimes seems to have a possible Honeycomb release timeframe for HTC Flyer which we discuss after the jump.

According to the Taiwanese publication, the search engine giants will provide their hardware partners with the latest Honeycomb update, Android 3.2 in the last days of July or early days of August. HTC will be getting the said update as well and will upgrade HTC Flyer to the said update may be in August or September. Here is what the Android 3.2 will bring for the Android Tablet loving fans:

Improve the compatibility of Android-based applications, hardware acceleration capabilities and upgrade functions including Movie Studio, Movies, Music and Widget, while also optimizing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon CPUs, indicated the sources.