Picture Courtesy: mingseow.us

The term human computer interaction is often used interchangeably with man machine interaction or interfacing. Descriptively, HCI is often termed as a design that enables the required functionality to be delivered by a computing device in line with its relationship between the user and the device itself.

The Basis of Human Computer Interaction lies in the core concept of usability. It was for the main reason of usefulness for man that machines were created. The best of computing machines are those that interact with individuals in the best possible manner that is required of them. The better the usability of a computing machine is, the better is its interaction with its stakeholders and thus it serves its purpose best. The inputs that a computing machine receives from its users are used to improve the extent of the human computer interaction.

The nature of human computer interaction has taken a new turn with the extensive use of internet and the ever increasing advancements in technology based devices. This new turn is characterized by networks and the social connections that have established via therm.  The ‘social’ nature of human computer interaction emerged when users got connected to each other via networks.


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