iBooks doesn’t like jailbroken iDevices

17 Feb
Muhammad Ali

The title of the post says it all doesn’t it? Apple against all the odds has made an anti-jailbreak kid out of its latest version of iBooks, iBooks 1.2.1 as the book reading app has been observed to slose itself when it detects itself running on a jailbroken iDevice.


Here’s how iBooks goes about its anti-jailbreak task:

iBooks tries to run a small program that has deliberately not been correctly signed to work on the iOS device. Normal devices will refuse to run this; iBooks detects that failure and loads as usual. However, jailbroken devices will (by default) run the program fine, which iBooks also detects and refuses to go any further.

Will this be enough to make the iDevice lovers stay away from the jailbreak world? For more on this and other Apple related stuff,  join us on Twitter, Facebook and subscribe to our RSS Feed.

[via TUAW]

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