IE6! Please die

5 Aug
Muhammad Ali

ie6nomore-logoI can assure you that this title comes straight from my heart. Mashable has for a long time suggested and desired for Internet Explorer 6 to die.  The reason is quite simple, IE6 is an old browser that does not possess the capability to support the latest innovations. Strangely, still around 15-25 % of users use it.

Recently a highly reputed group of startups mostly funded by an early stage venture firm Y Combinator, have started a new initiative called IE6 no more. IE6 no more is a simple website that presents the reasons and the problems associated with an old IE. The reasons are:

As any web developer will tell you, working with IE 6 is one of the most difficult and frustrating things they have to deal with on a daily basis, taking up a disproportionate amount of their time. Beyond that, IE 6′s support for modern web standards is very lacking, restricting what developers can create and holding the web back.

It also provides a code snippet through which you can inform users who are using IE6 to switch to a newer version. The code once implemented will have the following impact. Weebly, a website creation company leads this campaign and is supported by more than dozen of popular websites and startups.


There is no doubt that this initiative is for a good cause, but what kind of impact will it have is not so clear. There is a chance that the impact will not be as desired since many users use IE6 because of IT or work restrictions. David, co-founder of Weebly, shared his thoughts on the matter:

We think we can have a huge impact: For those users that are just unaware they are using an old browser (mothers, grandmothers), we’d like to encourage them to upgrade and have a better experience using our sites. For those users in corporate environments, we’d like to start putting pressure on the IT department to upgrade — the more users who complain about seeing the prompts (especially if coming from the top), the more pressure the IT department will have to either upgrade IE 6 or install Firefox side-by-side with IE 6 for compatibility reasons.

I just wonder when will a campaign start which will say “Internet Explorer no more”:P.

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