It seems that the iPhone hackers went to hyperactive mode the moment Apple rolled out iOS 4.3.1. Remember the Gevey SIM hack, the only unlock method for iPhone 4 for now? Well that SIM interposer has been verified to work with iOS 4.3.1 as well.

In case you forgot, Gevey SIM does the hard to perform unlock by  using the emergency dialer. So if you updated your iPhone to iOS 4.3.1 and are now looking to unlock it, the Gevey’s SIM Interposer method may be your unlock solution. I say may be because this method brings forth the following risks:

  • Unethical/illegal use of 112 in countries where it is an emergency number.
  • Your telecom operator may catch you and terminate your account.
  • An iOS update can patch the exploit.

Geevey’s SIM interposer will cost you $50 and will also require you to compromise on the points mentioned above. So what will it be? Geekword doesn’t encourage this option.

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