No dual core processor for iPad 2?

16 Feb
Muhammad Ali

Folks we have a new twist to the developing iPad 2 story which is yet to get an official announcement. According to Digitimes, the king of rumors, Apple may not be equipping their next generation of iPad with a dual core processor, which by the way conflicts with a previous rumor.

iPad 2 mockup

Here’s what led us to this belief:

According to Digitimes Research, the iPad 2 will support an enhanced version of the A4 and the A5 will power the iPhone 5. TSMC will initially produce the improved A4, and could likely become the exclusive manufacturer of the A5.

Based on recent rumors, A5 is the processor that is based on the dual core processor architecture. If your memory serves you right, you might recall that A4 is the name of the processor that is used in the current iteration of iDevice.

If the speculation put forward by Digitimes is a true one, does this mean iPad 2 will getting a single core processor with an improved speed say 1.5 Ghz, just like the HTC Flyer?

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