Next gen iPhone will allow you to use gloves and plastic pens

9 Nov
Muhammad Ali

If you try to touch the sensational capacitive multi-touch screen of your iPhone while wearing gloves, nothing will happen and your smartphone will remain idle since it not detect the touch gesture provided by you. It seems that all of this will change with the arrival of iPhone 5 as Japan based Hitachi Displays have engineered a new kind of projection-type touch panel that has the capability of detecting insultaing materials such as plastic and cloth.

iPhone 5 touch panel

Here’s the part which is causing all sorts of excitement:

The new touch panel is still a projection design, but could be operated even while wearing gloves. Users could select icons with the tip of a fingernail, input handwriting with a plastic pen, and enjoy a wide range of other input methods. In short, it overcomes the disadvantages that the technology had suffered from in comparison to resistive films, making possible multi-touch operation with both insulators and fingers.

The touch panels are available in size ranging from 3 to 10 inches which means their usage won’t be limited to iPhone and can be used with the likes of iPod Touch and iPad as well which isn’t bad at all. So what do you think? Will Apple go for this new touch panel? My gut feeling says it will. What about you?

[via Patently Apple]

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