Most of the we have covered so far at Geekword were  based around video games. How about we change it a little bit? Thanks to CNET, we now know that Kinect has hidden Artistic skills. This amazing bit of discovery was made by San Francisco Bay Area artist Audrey Penven.

Kinect Artistic Image

Penven noticed something unusual in the pictures of her and her friends which were taken while playing Kinect games. She saw that Kinect projects a known pattern of infrared structured light. Penven being an artist set out to record this amazing bit of discovery for everyone  and used a Kinect and a camera that can shoot infrared rays to create a series of hauntingly beautiful photos. Looking at the picture shown above, the image looks nice and not creepy at all. What’s your take on this Kinect hack? Let us know your thoughts using the comment box or if you wish you can share your thoughts with the social world by communicating on our Facebook and Twitter feed.