Did you ever think that Microsoft’s Kinect and Apple’s high selling iPhone and iPad can sit together and maintain peace and harmony? the Kinect hack we are sharing with you today shows the three top rated gadgets having some Dodgeball fun. Demo video is available for your viewing pleasure after the jump.

Kinect iPad iPhone DodgeBall

Here’ how the whole Dodgeball game works:

  • Kinect is the main character whose job is to track the girl’s movement and help her catch balls thrown at here.
  • iPhone and iPad are the ones throwing the balls using the TouchOSC app.

The cube you will see at the start of the video is an interesting entity in its own. Cube has been designed such that it controls which demo is currently on screen. The accelerometer is used to detect what side is up. Each side of the cube is labeled with a different Kinect demo.

Can you think of some useful applications based on this interesting mod? Be sure to share it with us.

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[Source: SupertouchGroup]