LG E900 – The Windows Phone 7 powered device spotted in the wild

23 Aug
Muhammad Ali

The smartphone world is really incomplete when you put the leakage fun out of it. But why think of such a thing when situation points otherwise. An LG branded Windows Phone 7 smartphone has made an appearance in the wild and has been captured by Mr. Blurrycam. LG E900 is the name of the device which looks like the full screen version of the horizontal slider LG C900 headed to US. Video preview follows after the jump.

The device which will possibly go live in Europe has a Captivate like look to it based on its top and bottom shape. At the top you will find a headphone jack, followed by a USB port on the side and button positioned in a fashion similar to the one found on C900. Don’t give up on this phone just because of the blurry nature of the video. And what’s more, in the 6 minute video, we didn’t see any sign of lagginess from the Windows Phone 7 device. That’s a good sign isn’t it?

[via BGR on WMPU]

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