Netflix for iPad hacked and ported to iPhone with performance issues

30 May
Muhammad Ali

The state of desperation can make you do things that you wouldn’t do otherwise. The news we are going to share with you is one such example. A genius iPhone 3G user got tired of waiting for the iPhone version of the Netflix app, and he decided to take matters into its own hands. The result – he managed get the Netflix for iPad running successfully on his jailbroken iPhone 3G but with some issues which we discuss after the jump.

A loyal ModMyI reader who goes by the name Knisitruck is the person on the spotlight. To get the iPad version of the Netflix running on the Apple premium phone, Knisitruck copied the iPad Netflix app and iPad mediaplayer frameworks to his iPhone, made a few plist edits and changes and got it running.

While doing this effort, he realized why the Netflix was taking time to release the iPhone version . Here are the issues he faced while using the streaming app:

  • Huge battery drain – 25% of battery for around 15min of streaming, drains pretty quick while browsing the app as well.
  • Crashing – I suspect memory is the issue here, and also probably because it’s made for another device. Happened when browsing too fast through the app(lots of clicks).
  • 3G Speed – Takes forever to load the app and to start streaming (does work though)

[via Engadget on ModMyI]

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