When it rains Honeycomb ports, it pours. That’s the perfect way to describe the last few days in which we have seen Honeycomb land on HTC Desire HD, HTC Evo 4G and Motorola’s Droid Incredible. And now we have Nexus One joining the growing club.

Nexus One Honeycomb

XDA Developer bypass23 joined hands with other talented and hardworking Android hackers to bring the tablet friendly Android 3.0 to Nexus One, Google’s first Android flagship device.

The port is based on Honeycomb SDK and is in its very early stages which means very few things will be in the working list. What we know so far is that WiFi, accelerometer, sound, camera, bluetooth and so on. Most important of all the alpha rated port doesn’t allow you to receive/make calls as well as send/receive text messages. But as I quite often say in these cases – it’s something to build upon.

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[Source: XDA]