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Russia getting Nexus S in February, but without Super AMOLED display

8 Dec

Muhammad Ali

When Google announced Nexus S, the Gingerbread branded smartphone, they unveiled the name of only two countries that will be getting their first hands on the Nexus One successor, US and UK. Thanks to Samsung’s Russian arm, we now know that the Nexus S will land in Russian territory in February 2011 with one key difference which we discuss after the jump.

Expect the Russia headed Nexus S, which is the best Android Phone on the market, to become equip with a Super LCD Display or SLCD instead of the Super AMOLED display that the UK and US units will have on board. There are a couple of reason why Samsung will be taking this approach:

  • Cutting the cost of the smartphone to make sure it has a healthy sales graph.
  • Shortage of Super AMOLED display after all this is the reason why Samsung Galaxy S is so hot.

But the pressing question is this – will this move affect the decision of the potential Nexus S buyers? Want Nexus S specs? Get them right here.

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