No Copy and Paste feature in Windows Phone 7 Series

17 Mar
Muhammad Ali

Here we go with another Windows Phone 7 Series item. This time its not all good news especially if you are into clipboard related stuff. According to Engadget, Windows Phone 7 won’t be bringing the basic copy and paste functionality. Sadly this is the official word coming from the Microsoftians at the MIX10 event.

Engadget quotes

There is a data-detection service built into the text-handling API that will recognize phone numbers and addresses, but Microsoft says most users, including Office users, don’t really need clipboard functionality.

I for one can’t absorb the line which says there is no need for clipboard functionality, since we all know typing on a touch screen is not all fun and time saving. May be this is bad news. But we can always count on the XDA geeks to deliver the goods for us? Will this omission prove to be a costly one?

[via Engadget]

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