Nokia N8 launch date set to 30th September

6 Sep
Muhammad Ali

The question which has had many Nokia N8 fanatics pondering for days has finally been answered. And, Yes it is of the official nature. Tapani Kaskinen, Nokia’s Senior Comms Manager has revealed about the Finlanders’ plan to launch/ship Nokia N8 starting from 30th September.

The senior ranked official revealed the release date for the Symbian 3 powered handset while talking to a Finnish newspaper Kauppaleht. Unfortunately, Kaskinen didn’t shed light on the price that Nokia will be selling this phone for.

Nokia N8 is the Finland based mobile makers’ first Symbian 3 powered handset which comes pre-equipped with a 12 MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, an HD quality video recorder and much more to have you wanting one. So are you going to purchase this handset one it hits the retail stores.

[via Engadget]

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