According to a memo sent by Sony to its game developer and publishing partners which is obtained by Gamasutra, Sony has finally decided to bring back its PlayStation Store on 24th of May.

playstation store return 24th may

It seems like the restless PSN users have to wait for few more days to get entertained from the free game offers granted as a ‘Welcome Back’ package by Sony. It should also be noted that, all the content and games that was planned to roll out between the phase when Sony was attacked by hackers, will now be coming in stages over the following weeks.

This is what, PSN content manager Jack Osorno wrote to developer partners:

“We thank you for your patience as we work to resume service of the PlayStation Store”

Below are details of content pushes Sony has decided to do:

First Push: Will commence on 24th May and will have the content of 26th April.

Second Push: Will happen three days later on 27th May, and will be distributing the content of 24th May.

Third and Fourth Pushes: Will take place on 31st May and 3rd June, having all the content that supposed to be rolling over in the last three weeks.

Sony has claimed many times that it will be restoring all of its services till the end of May, and this will begin on 24th of this month, when Sony will be taking one of its final steps in PlayStation Network recovery, that is by bringing the PlayStation Store back online.

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