Are you tired of the same old templates and types of presentation styles available in Microsoft PowerPoint? Presentations have been given a new look with the introduction of a new style of presenting called Prezi. This presentation mode is a sigh of relief and is best when it enables import of already existing Power Point format presentations into its own templates.

“A marvelous approach to the visualization of information.” — Rob Campbell, Founder, PowerPoint

Prezi, the cloud based presentation arena enables you to work on a particular task with your fellows at the same time even if they’re not sitting beside you. Though these features are being proposed in the Google Docs as well Prezi gives them a style and vigor that can be experienced by only those who attempt to ride on its exciting journey once.

Exploring Prezi and making a presentation of your own is a joyous ride indeed! The virtual canvas offered by Prezi very efficiently acts like a tool for story telling as well and is thus not limited to official presentations only. The cloud based easy going Prezi website takes you through the experience of making a presentation on their website in a user friendly and convenient manner.

Collaborating and hosting your presentation from a particular browser are also possible in Prezi the details of which can be viewed here. The sample presentation below is a very basic presentation created by the author only to give its readers an idea into the potential Prezi has in store for them. Integrating videos and audios and numbering your slides were all old experiences with presentations but the new look given to them by Prezi is what makes them unique and worth being explored.

Prezi gives you a chance not only to make presentations on a virtual canvas but these presentations are also downloadable. You can choose to keep your cloud based presentation open for public viewing or you can keep it private or share it with any restricted viewers you want. If you’re too skeptical to spend money on something new you can sign up initially as a user who isn’t charged anything for exploring through the Prezi arena and is provided with 100 MB of free storage along with the facility to share and edit Prezis to your heart’s content. For more privatized presentation making Prezi offers “Enjoy’ and “Pro” packages that can be selected as per convenience and budget availability.

More on Prezi and its features in the coming days.