AutoSHSH RC2 unleashed, saves iPad/iPhone/iPod SHSH blob the easy way

30 Apr
Muhammad Ali

We all know the time for the arrival of the first Jailbreak iPad tool is getting near. What this means is its now time to save your iPad ECID SHSH to make sure your iPad’s jailbreak ability is not lost . iH8sn0w folks have rolled out AutoSHSH RC2, a tool that  makes the SHSH saving task a walk in the park be it for iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G or Apple Tablet.

Here are some technical details if you like. ECID which stands for Exclusive Chip ID is a new security system that lets Apple stops users from downgrading to older iPhone firmware once they roll out a new firmware. But since you want to be the part of the jailbreak paradise, you need to save your ECID SHSH aka SHSH blob. If you like to do things the easy way, then get your hands on AutoSHSH as all it requires is an iDevice in Restore mode and a single click on the Grab my SHSH Blobs automatically button.

Download AutoSHSH RC2

Update 1: See the how to guide for using AutoSHSH  here.

[via iPhoneHeat]

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Save your iPhone/iPad SHSH with AutoSHSH | Geekword

April 30th, 2010 at 10:07 pm

[...] Update 1: AutoSHSH RC2 has been rolled out. Details here. [...]

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