SSPL Beta released for HTC HD2 , loading unsigned ROM got easier

27 Dec

The genius lot at XDA have released a beta version of SSPL. The release of the soft SPL means now you can load unsigned ROMs onto HTC’s most successful device, HTC HD2. This software enables you to load unsigned ROMs onto HTC HD2 within a matter of a few mouse clicks as shown in the embedded video. (Download link and setup instructions provided below)

Since the release is a Beta one, it won’t be all that stable and only advanced or expert users are advised to play with this useful little tool.  SPL and Radio flashing have been disabled, so it can only flash Splashes and OS images. Here is what makes it interesting according to the developers at XDA:

This is an easy way to flash unsigned OS images to the HD2. It should not void your warranty like HSPLs do, because it does not change your SPL. I know for a fact, that repair centers are advised to check the SPL version number on the device.

How to use SSPL Beta

  • Download the SSPL_RUU.exe (download link provided below) and put it into an empty folder.
  • Add the RUU_signed.nbh that you want to flash to your device into the same folder
  • Connect the device to the PC, device must be running WM, not show the 3 color screen
  • Run SSPL_RUU.exe

Download SSPL Beta for HTC HD2

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