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If there is one Android Tablet I am crazy about, Samsung Galaxy Tape is the one. To satisfy my thirst to see a demo video of this Tablet, a video has been leaked out which shows the 7 inch tablet in action. Video after the jump.

Want some sizzling Android tablet news to kick off your day? We have got just the  stuff you are looking for. Tinh te thanks to  a reliable source has revealed some interesting specs for Samsung’s sexy looking 7 inch tablet. Read the specs after the break and you won’t be disappointed.

If MSI’s WindPad 100 could get its very own hands-on video, there is no stopping WindPad 110 getting the same treatment. So as you might have guessed it by now, we are here to share with you the first impressions of the Android powered Tablet. See the demo video after the jump.

Want another reason to like Dell Streak, the gadget which looks more like a phone but is officially considered a Tablet? If you are one of those who accidentally end up damaging their touch screen phones Oh I meant Tablet, then the Android powered Dell Streak is the gadget you have been waiting for as [...]

What would you call a Tablet that looks likean  iPad but is based in China and runs on Android? No need to put too much thought into it, as the makers themselves didn’t do it and chose to call it iPed. This Chinese rip off looks and feels different than the normal routine since it [...]

When it rains it pours. This is the perfect way to describe MSI’s presence at the Computex Conference. Just now we shared with you folks the details of the upcoming MSI WindPad 100, the Windows 7 powered Tablet.  If your thirst was not satisfied with the Windows Tablet news, then give WindPad 110 a try [...]

Just now we shared with you the official specs of Dell Streak, the device which looks more like a phone but Dell folks see it as a Tablet. Anyways, I thought of sharing some hands-on video with you folks so that we can get a better idea of what the Android device is actually all [...]

When it rains it pours. Uptil now, we had only heard of Verizon working on Tablets but we were never aware of the manufacturers involved in this interesting project neither we had any idea of the release dates. Verizon has changed all that as its CEO has given Q4 as the release date for the [...]

Well what we have here. Adobe attended the Web 2.0 Expo event and had a pleasant surprise for most of us except Apple. The makers of Adobe Flash and Air showed what many wanted to see, Android powered Tablets running two of the most popular and useful web technologies. Video demos are included at the [...]