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Guess who attended Yesterday’s Engadget show? It was none other than the Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak. The founder also known as Woz, confirmed that Apple has fixed the showstopper issue for the White iPhone 4, as reported earlier, and the white colored stainless steel phone will be hitting the retail stores soon.

Earlier in the day, Apple’s official site went down. This had many people anticipating the surprise launch of white colored iPhone 4 which is officially scheduled to go live in Spring 2011. When Apple’s site came back, there was no sign of white colored stainless steel phone. But there is a chance that white iPhone [...]

Gail Davis of Orpington Kent rode her luck when she became the lucky owner of 10 billionth App and got herself an invaluable iTunes gift card valued at 10,000 dollars. But she almost committed a suicide (of sorts) when she hung up a call from Apple’s VP of iTunes, who called to inform her of [...]

Finally some talk about a possible release date for the overdue white iPhone 4. Macrumors have pointed at a Best Buy Inventory Database system screenshot according to which the white skinned stainless steel phone will be available for purchase starting from 27th February.

Everyone was expecting Verizon to unveil the CDMA iPhone today and that’s what precisely happened today in New York. Verizon, America’s largest and most reliable 3G network announced their hosting rights for the iPhone 4 and will start selling it from 10th February.

See who is following who’s trail? AT&T last week reduced the iPhone 3GS (8 GB) price to $49, which according to us and many others in the tech circle was an effort on account of the not so efficient carrier to stop iPhone users from switching to Verizon iPhone.

A new day brings a new Verizon iPhone rumor to share with you folks. This time we have Wall Street Journal doing the rumor spreading duty which means we are onto something very good and accurate. According to WSJ, Verizon iPhone will be available for purchase by the end of January. This rumor comes from [...]

Bad news VLC for iOS lovers, Apple has closed its App Store doors for the very popular and in-demand VLC media player. And this time the developers of the app are to blame for this uncalled for removal. More on this after the jump.

Here’s your answer to why Verizon didn’t announce the iPhone at Consumers Electronic Show 2011 in Las Vegas.  Digital Daily has received a press invite from Verizon for an event to be held at New York City’s Lincoln Center (Frederick P. Rose Hall) The event whose agenda is unknown, is scheduled for Tuesday, 11th February.

Well Well Well, what we have here. Look who has decided to join the iPad 2 rumor club. It is none other than Kevin Rose, Digg’s founder.  According to Rose, the Cupertinos will be announcing the iPad successor on the first day of February which happens to be Tuesday.