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The development of Google Mobile App for Nokia S60 smartphones, which was just launched yesterday, has addressed three aspects of an issue we hear about on a regular basis: immediacy.
1. Immediacy of access Quick key mechanism launches the application directly from the home screen, making search, Google Maps, Gmail, and other Google [...]

According to the post published at LA Times. As we all know computers can’t think to a certain extent because they have to do what they get. Sometime computers can be unintentionally funny. Check out the funny things about Google’s search suggestion feature.
Google suggest was Launched in December 2004 as a beta product. Suggest wasn’t [...]

Many of the users might have experienced an unfortunate incident yesterday. That is right I am talking about Google unexpected outage which affected many users. The search engine giant has come and out and said this unfortunate incident was attributed to a traffic routing error. Specifically speaking users in the United States and other numerous [...]

Google News redesign

15, May 2009

Google has given Google News a bit of a change today. Some areas, particularly the section pages has  a lot more visual flare.

If you click on any of the main sections like Business, Sci/Tech, Entertainment, etc. You will see relevant media file on the right. This includes things like YouTube videos, groups of images, popular [...]

A quiet rollout last week added several features to Google News results. Google News clusters got better today with categorized content from blogs, local news, quotes, images and videos. When you click on “all news articles” links below each cluster in Google News they will show cluster pages with all the above said sections, each [...]

Mark Larson, Google Chrome Program Manager has addressed a newer version of Google Chrome, with a bug fix  right after the release of the stable release.
Google fixed some security holes with a new release of its stable version of Chrome–then released a replacement shortly afterward to prevent a batch of crashes that turned up as [...]

Today I came across a post, with very attractive and catchy topic “Google launches stand-alone contacts manager.” This post is all about Google’s new stand-alone contacts manager. According to CNET news Google has launched a contacts manager that users of services like Google Docs, Picasa, and Calendar can use, without having to be a Gmail [...]

Keeping software up to date is very important. Google Update is the service that makes Google’s desktop applications behave more like the constantly updated web applications. Unfortunately, the service has many bugs, it can’t be disabled unless you uninstall all the applications that use it and there are some privacy issues.
Google update is open [...]

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier. Google Chrome’s popularity has been increasing day by day.
Google Chrome continued its upward market share in March 2009. I was looking at my browser breakdown tonight. Here’s is last 30 days data from Google [...]

Gmail is a new kind of webmail, built on the idea that email can be more intuitive, efficient, and useful.
Now there is always a question of finding the right email among thousands, which is as important as finding the right web page across the billions of web pages.
Gmail has made the search more easier, [...]