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Folks at XDA have come up with another act of magnificence once again. This time an update has been made to the HTC Sense 2.5, which means HTC HD2 will be getting the latest update of the sexy UI aka Manila/Touch Flo 3D. The latest mod brings the standard and much useful 16/20 QuickLinks mod. [...]

Just now, we informed you about HTC HD2 getting Windows Mobile 7 once it rolls out. Here is more Windows Mobile 7 stuff. This time XDA is the source of this breaking news. XDA have dug deep (and I mean really deep) into the HTC Sense 2.5 (with build number1922) of the leaked T-Mobile ROM [...]

A few days back, we informed you about the updated HTC Sense 2.5 build 1922 included in  T-Mobile HTC HD2 2.0.1 ROM which brought the inclusion of a new Documents Tab. pocketnow have dug deep into this new and smart tab and have unleashed a video that shows the Document Tab in action on HTC [...]

A few hours back, we informed you about the Beta release of SSPL which allows you to load unsigned ROMS onto your beautiful HTC HD2. More goodies for HTC HD2 have  been released. Not one but two Windows Mobile 6.5.3 ROMs have been released for HD2 from HTC. These two ROMs bring an updated HTC [...]

A few minutes back, we informed you about the leakage of HTC HD2 ROM destined for T-Mobile (For more information about the leaked ROM, check out the links provided at the end of the post). Folks at XDA have been busy in investigating and playing around with the leaked ROM. Already they have shared information [...]

One of the exciting thing to ever come out from HTC besides HTC HD2 is HTC Sense (aka TouchFlo 3D and Manila) which simply gives the UI a sexy look. HTC just took HTC Sense 2.5 to the next level by updating it to build 2.5.1921 (This is the same build that was will be [...]

Christmas is getting nearer. Many people would have already started shopping for this special occasion and will be  decorating their house accordingly to reflect the Christmas theme. Well why stop there? Why don’t you make your HTC phone a part of Christmas event. All you need to have is HTC Sense 2.5 running on your [...]