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Apple unleashes iOS 4

21, Jun 2010

Apple has managed to fulfill yet another promise as it has rolled out the highly awaited iOS 4, formerly known as iPhone OS 4 or iPhone 4.0. You have every right to jump around in excitement since the latest iPhone firmware brings sensational features such as multi-tasking, folders and the list goes on.

We all know what took place in San Francisco on 7th June – Steve Jobs delivered his eagerly anticipated WWDC 10 keynote and had some magical announcements in store for the iPhone loving universe. iMovie for iPhone was one such announcement but without the essential details uptil now. Folks at Tidbits have done all of [...]

Every one knew that MuscleNerd and co would be busy once Apple rolled out the iPhone 4.0GM. So what have they done time is the obvious question? They have updated redsn0w 0.9.5 Beta, the iPhone jailbreak tool to bring iPhone 4.0 jailbreak support for iPod Touch 2G. The latest update now  lets you decide whether [...]

Have we got news for you or what? Uptil now we have been hearing about Froyo ROM being hacked and ported to Android handsets such as Droid and HTC Desire. How about this – Froyo has been ported to iPhone 3G with promising results. See the video evidence after the jump.

Not so long ago, we told you folks about an unconfirmed report of Apple stopping the iPhone 3G shipments to AT&T. Well, it seems that the rumor was pointing to the truth as AT&T has officially announced that it has run of the iPhone 3G stock.

The state of desperation can make you do things that you wouldn’t do otherwise. The news we are going to share with you is one such example. A genius iPhone 3G user got tired of waiting for the iPhone version of the Netflix app, and he decided to take matters into its own hands. The [...]

According to BGR, Apple has stopped shipping the iPhone 3G 8 GB models to the AT&T stores. If that’s really the case, then get ready to see the iPhone 3GS price drop to $99, a move which the Cupertinos adopt whenever they launch a new iPhone handset, iPhone HD model in the current scenario.

Last time, we shared with you folks the good news of multi-tasking enabled for Android running on iPhone 3G. Well we have got more good news on the Android port to iPhone. If you want to run Android on the iPhone 3G, then you can do that as the iPhone hacker planetbeing has completed his [...]

Guess what planetbeing, the iPhone hacker and the genius behind Android port to iPhone has done. He has  enabled multi-touch support for Android running on the iPhone 3G. This milestone also marks the planetbeing project nearing its completion. Video after the jump.

Last week, we shared with you folks the news of Android ported successfully to iPhone 2G, thanks to the wonderful work by planetbeing, the genius behind this amazing port work. If you remember, the hacker was already working on getting Google’s mobile firmware on iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. We now have progress report on [...]