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The rumor mill has got a new product to spill rumors about and it is none other than the upcoming revamped Apple TV. A Kaufman Bros analyst named Shaw Wu has delivered a note to a group of investors in which he talked about the Apple TV which some believe will be renamed to iTV [...]

The month of September is getting nearer as we speak. And we all know very well what Apple does in the 9th month of the year – it announces the new generation of iPod something which the rumor mill has pointed towards in the past. But the question is on which day will the Apple [...]

A rumor has been going around which suggests Apple is planning to rename and revamp its not so popular Apple TV to iTV. The speculated iTV is likely to be powered by iOS and will be priced at $99 which is really cheap. This rumor has gotten the attention of Digg Founder, Kevin Rose, so [...]