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According to Mobile Tech World and their unnamed source, Microsoft will be unveiling their next version of Windows Phone 7 hardware requirements when Steve Ballmer delivers his keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this Monday.

Yesterday’s big news of Nokia partnering up with Microsoft had some folks thinking – Why Windows Phone 7 and why not Android? This question is one that can be answered in a separate post. But we are here for a different reason. The very famous Eldar Murtazin has spoken and according to his sources, Nokia [...]

Everyone is talking about today’s big news – Nokia adopting Windows Phone 7. You too may have heard about Microsoft forming a strategic alliance with Finlanders which besides other things will see Nokia’s manufactured smartphones running Windows Phone 7. But the question is what perks should you expect from this deal?  We attempt to answer [...]

Windows Phone 7 users have one question on the top of their mind – When will Microsoft roll out NoDo, the first update for Windows Phone 7? Thanks to Neowin, we now have the answer to this question but it’s not one you will be all excited to hear. Multiple sources have revealed that the [...]

Kinect plays Portal

6, Feb 2011

These game developers have taken Kinect hacking like a duck to water. What other way would you describe the regular arrival of new and exciting Kinect hacks. YouTube user HackLife87 has managed to play the puzzle based Portal game using Microsoft’s motion sensing controller the video demo of is available for your viewing pleasure after [...]

The title of the post is enough to trigger excitement and anticipation among the die hard fans of Halo. But the question is what led to this sensational story? Joystiq have spotted the kinecthalo domain registered under Microsoft which clearly says what you want to hear.

Microsoft has been mum about the Windows Phone 7 sales number. The only thing we know so far in that regard is that the Redmondians have sold around 1.5M handsets and that to retailers. This prompted The Next Web folks to put on their thinking cap which resulted in an interesting conclusion of Microsoft’s reaching [...]

Well Well Well! What we have here? Steve Ballmer, in his CES 2011 keynote did touch  the Windows Phone 7 update topic but did not provide a release date for the first firmware update. Thanks to BGR’s smart piece of work, we know have a release date: No Donuts, or NoDo as it is being [...]

When Steve Ballmer took center stage in Las Vegas to kick off the Consumer Electronics Show for the year 2011, it was only a matter of time before he touched the Windows Phone 7 subject. And when he did, he confirmed to the Windows Phone audience that they will be getting their first Windows Phone [...]

We told you Avatar Kinect was coming to Las Vegas and we have been proven right. Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, in his keynote speech at the CES 2011 event, announced the cool looking game and showed what the Avatar based game has to offer.