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Here you go Visual Studio developers, the moment you have been waiting for has arrived. As promised, Silverlight 4 has gone live and is waiting for you to click the download button. To be able to use the technology to use RIA, you will need the final version of Visual Studio 2010 that was made [...]

Attention people residing in Asia, if you were planning to purchase Microsoft’s recently announced social networking phone series Kin, then sorry to disappoint you as Kin One and Kin Two won’t be making a trip to Asia.  This rather sad news was revealed by Lena Goh, a Microsoft Singapore spokesperson while talking to PC World.

Just  now we informed you about Microsoft’s announcement of Project Pink phones which includes Kin One and Kin Two rumored as Turtle and Pure. While the social networking phones don’t have much to speak from a powerful mobile phone perspective, the Kin has one thing that will definitely be of interest to Windows Phone 7 [...]

As promised, Microsoft has unleashed its Project Pink phones. However these two phones aren’t named Turtle and Pure as rumored previously. Kin One and Kin Two are the official names of the phones that are all about social networking.

Want to know what Microsoft has planned for 12 April, that has been referred by many as the mysterious event? Well,  Project Pink is going live in less than 24 hours and the Redmondians look all set to unleash its social networking phones Pure and Turtle. How do we know? Just head over to Microsoft’s [...]

Boy the Verizon internal documents just keep leaking out. The latest leaked document has a lot of excitement factor to it since it mentions about Verizon getting ready to launch a  series of handsets, six to be precise, which possibly includes HTC Incredible as well.

Guess who decided to hit the stores early than the originally scheduled 12 April launch? It is none other than Microsoft’s very own Zune HD 64 GB. The arrival of the bigger cousin of Zune HD brings with it slashed prices for its younger generation , the details of which are provided after the jump.

Engadget have gotten their hands on something pretty important – an internal document detailing the specs of the upcoming HP Slate, which some folks are considering as Microsoft’s answer to iPad. The document contains the specs as well as the pricing detail of the Tablet.

A few hours back, we informed you folks about Microsoft sending out invitations for its mysterious 12 April event. The event was termed as mysterious since the Redmondians didn’t mention the agenda for the event. Well now we know what the event is all about. An insider has tipped CNET that 12 April will see [...]

Microsoft has sent out a pretty mysterious invitation in a circular package inviting them to attend an event in San Francisco on 12 April. Unfortunately, the Redmondians were pretty vague in their invitation paper about the purpose of the event as they just said It’s Time to Share. Any guesses what the event is all [...]