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If you are Eric Schmidt and you are attending Web 2.0 summit, one thing that you are sure to do is speak about Gingerbread and if you are more generous you will even put on display an Android 2.3 powered smartphone. This is what precisely Google CEO did when he took the center stage. The [...]

So you have had just about enough seeing the leaked pictures of Nexus S? How about we change the script a bit? TechCrunch folks have stumbled on a Picasa album that contains images taken from the yet to be made official Nexus S aka Nexus Two.

Its raining oh I meant its pouring Nexus S updates. Yet again we have Best Buy at the helm of affairs. This time Android Police is the contributing party as they have gotten their hands on a Best Buy internal screen which says this – Nexus S aka Nexus Two will marketing material as well [...]

Folks its raining Nexus S or should I say Nexus Two updates? First it was the confirmation of the existence of Nexus Two followed by a mobile flyer leakage and now we have the first Gingerbread stocked Android Phone posing for the camera from different angles.

The flood gates of Nexus Two oh I meant Nexus S have opened. Hot on the heels of sharing with you Best Buy’s confirmation of the existence and reality of Nexus Two, we now have a look at what the smartphone looks like. Once again Best Buy is the contributing party thanks to their leaked [...]

You know you want to hear another Nexus Two related news. And we are happy to share it with you. Best Buy folks have done the entire Nexus Two universe a huge favor as it has confirmed what seems to be the obvious – Nexus Two does exist and it will be unleashed in time [...]

So you thought you will be having a Nexus Two rumor free week? Well sorry to disappoint you if you are disappointed at all as TechCrunch has delivered the speculated goods for the Samsung manufactured smartphone which is not all good as you will see in a moment.

The flood gates of Nexus Two rumors have opened as anticipated and expected by many of us. So what’s the rumor mill speculating this time? The latest round of rumor touches the hardware  and carrier aspect of Google’s  upcoming Gingerbread flagship device. A nice looking spec sets for the Nexus One successor awaits you after [...]

Nexus Two details and leakages are flying in at a rate similar to the one which we saw last year for Nexus One. Anyhow, lets get straight to the point. Gizmodo’s source claims to have seen and played with the Nexus Two and have shared their knowledge and experience about the Nexus One successor. According [...]