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Proud owners of Windows Phone 7 powered smartphones will be pleased to know that the increasingly popular Angry Birds game is coming to their handset at a yet to be announced date and time.

One of the the things that I was really looking forward to and was extremely excited about the ongoing Mobile World Congress show was Microsoft CEO’s keynote in the event.  And boy Steve Ballmer and Co didn’t disappoint when they took the stage. The Redmondians have announced what some predicted – Kinect support for Windows [...]

We had a feeling Nokia may announce the arrival date for their first Windows Phone 7 smartphone at the Mobile World Congress, which is now live in Barcelona as we speak and we haven’t been let down. Nokia’s Jo Harlow while attending a capacity crowd hinted at the release date for their first Windows Phone [...]

Ever since Nokia announced its strategic alliance with Microsoft, everyone has been asking just one question – why Windows Phone 7? Even though we shared our thoughts on this question, there’s nothing like getting the official answer is it? And guess who is answering this for us. It’s none other than Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop [...]

Nokia’s strategic partnership with Microsoft has seen the tech world flooded with debates and discussions about where the Finlanders went wrong and what they should have done to save its dying hold on the smartphone universe. One thought that we have seen rise in the last 24 hours or so has been centered around the [...]

According to Mobile Tech World and their unnamed source, Microsoft will be unveiling their next version of Windows Phone 7 hardware requirements when Steve Ballmer delivers his keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this Monday.

Yesterday’s big news of Nokia partnering up with Microsoft had some folks thinking – Why Windows Phone 7 and why not Android? This question is one that can be answered in a separate post. But we are here for a different reason. The very famous Eldar Murtazin has spoken and according to his sources, Nokia [...]

Well Well Well! What we have here. Less than 24 hours have gone by since Microsoft and Nokia announced their strategic partnership, which we believe will be of some benefit to you, and we already have an image showing what Nokia manufactured Windows Phone 7 will look like.

Everyone is talking about today’s big news – Nokia adopting Windows Phone 7. You too may have heard about Microsoft forming a strategic alliance with Finlanders which besides other things will see Nokia’s manufactured smartphones running Windows Phone 7. But the question is what perks should you expect from this deal?  We attempt to answer [...]

Windows Phone 7 users have one question on the top of their mind – When will Microsoft roll out NoDo, the first update for Windows Phone 7? Thanks to Neowin, we now have the answer to this question but it’s not one you will be all excited to hear. Multiple sources have revealed that the [...]