Steve Jobs calls Flash a PC Era artifact

30 Apr
Muhammad Ali

There is no need to remind anyone about the intense level of love ( I mean hatred) Steve Jobs has for Adobe Flash. Apple CEO has decided to explain to the world the problems he has with adopting Flash for the iPhone. Technology issues are the main driving force behind Apple’s hatred for Flash.

All in all, he highlighted six reasons why Flash and iPhone won’t ever be seen together. These reasons include battery life, security, reliability performance and other issues. Interestingly, Adobe’s tagging of Apple’s no Flash decision as a business driven one didn’t went down well with the Apple CEO.

What struck me the most was how Jobs regarded Flash as a PC thing and not fitting for low powered mobile devices. As a matter of fact, he regarded touch interfaces and open web standards as the missing components of the Flash portfolio to be a successful mobile technology.

Read the full  statement here

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